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Fanta, member of the reinsertion center, working on the ether knickers for our exclusive repair service.

H.A.W.A au féminin

The atelier specializes and focuses on developing upcycled garments, it is also a professional integration center that unites women with different stories and paths.

Many of the women have faced abuse or other personal struggles. However, they reject to let their past define their identity and command new narratives for their future motivations.

Hawa (pictured in the middle), the founder of H.A.W.A au Feminin the reinsertion center that SKINSWEAR has collaborated with for our repair service. Fanta and Sating the girls on the sides will be in charge of all the repairs.

Hawa Sangare the founder of the atelier, pictured in the middle, has previous experience in clinical psychology.

This pushed her to create this space that employs women, who had perceived themselves to be far from employment and provides them with stability.

Sating, pictured left, and Fanta, pictured right, have taken their skills to the next level since they joined the atelier. The twins have gained immense technical knowledge as well as personal growth.

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